The Girl Who Lost Her Pillow

For Skye ~ the girl who liked to explore

‘Night night Nanna,’ said Skye as she snuggled under the cosy duvet and sunk her head into the fresh white pillow that was so soft and cuddly. ‘Love you,’ she added as Nanna quietly left the bedroom. Skye felt very warm and comfy and extremely sleepy after such a fun filled day. She fell fast asleep almost as soon as Nanna had closed the bedroom door and here began Skye’s next adventures as she went into the wonderful and exciting world of dreams.

It wasn’t long before the little explorer called Skye entered the dark tunnels of Peecaboo Land. The tunnels were long and they curved this way and that and were filled with a sooty smoke that made some of the people on the train cough and splutter. They had not seen daylight for so long and now they were depending on Skye the explorer to save them from the four dinosaurs that were getting closer and closer.

‘Don’t worry,’ shouted Skye to all the passengers in the carriages behind the engine that she was driving. ‘I’ll save you, just hang on tight, I’m going to go faster.’ The girl had to shout loud because the noise of the puffing engine almost drowned out her little voice which meant that the passengers could hardly hear her.

Skye now had to make a decision and she had to make it fast. Up ahead and not very far away the railway track split into two. Which way should she go? The explorer had to make a decision – left or right? At the last second Skye steered the train to the left. They were going so fast around the bend that the carriages were almost over onto to the wheels on one side. Bright sparks flew up from under the train and the passengers at the back could see the illuminated faces of the dinosaurs as they thundered along behind, desperately trying to catch them. But taking the left track was a great decision because the first dinosaur, the red and yellow one with the two rows of shapes sticking out from and running over his humped body down to the tip of his tail went thundering into darkness of the tunnel on the right never to be seen again. One dinosaur down, three to go.

The next one was a brown and green creature with a large and dangerous looking horn on the end of it’s nose. At the rear of it’s head was a wide shield with nasty looking spikes along the top edge. This dinosaur kept trying to butt the end carriage with the horn on it’s nose but couldn’t quite reach as each time it tried Skye would make the train go a little faster.

The track came out of the tunnel and entered a large dark cavern that curved around a circular lake of water with an island in the middle. The people were able to see the lake because in the centre of the island was a tall branchless tree with a glowing fire at the top that gave the island and the lake some light. The brown and green dinosaur was struggling to keep up with the train as it sped around the lake and all of a sudden it was as though this dinosaur had realised what was in the lake and stopped running as it gasped for breath. The passengers watched as the brown and green dinosaur walked up to the edge of the water and started to drink. He was obviously very thirsty because he was still lapping at the edge of the lake as the train once again disappeared into the darkness of another tunnel. Two dinosaurs down, two to go.

The next dinosaur was a fearsome looking creature that stomped along on it’s back legs. He was tall and had a large head and mouth that was filled with razor sharp teeth. Although he was scary looking he also looked rather funny due to the tiny arms that stuck out of the top part of his reddish under-body. The rest of his body was a horrid looking dark grey. The train was speeding along and Skye started to notice that the engine was running out of coal. The jet black coal was needed to make the train go and if they ran out, it would stop and the two remaining dinosaurs would catch them all and enjoy them for dinner. And if this was not enough for Skye to worry about she now had another decision to make. The big round headlight at the front of the engine shone a bright beam into the distance so that Skye could see where she was driving and showed her that she now had to choose between not two tunnels this time but three. Which one should she drive the train and all the passengers into? They were going so fast and she again had little time to decide. The tunnel on the left looked like it was the same size as the one they were currently in. The tunnel in the middle looked tiny and appeared too small for the size of the train and Skye knew she shouldn’t head for that one. The dark tunnel on the right was large and looked the safest one to enter. But before Skye could steer the train to the right it was too late. The train went straight ahead towards the tiny tunnel before she could even do anything. She just had time to shout back to passengers behind her, ‘get your heads down, we’re going to crash!’

The people all ducked down as Skye had instructed, just as the train entered the tiny tunnel. The train didn’t crash though. It just fitted into this smaller tunnel but the passengers had to stay crouched down for their own safety. But things were not so good for the tall dinosaur with the large head and sharp teeth. Just as the last carriage disappeared into the tiny tunnel the dark grey and reddish dinosaur smashed with an almighty crash into the wall of the tunnel. Even if he had been quick enough to duck down into the tunnel he was too big, he simply would not have fitted. The dinosaur banged his head so hard that he knocked himself out and fell back onto the track. Unfortunately the next dinosaur did fit into the tiny tunnel. But for now, three dinosaurs down, one to go.

As the train disappeared into the tiny tunnel, the passengers in the last carriage just managed to look around to watch as the fourth and final dinosaur jumped over the body of the one that had just fallen, stretched his long neck ahead of him and just about squeezed himself into the tiny tunnel. As the train whizzed along Skye saw that she only had a few pieces of black coal left. Luckily the pale grey and yellow dinosaur with the long neck and small head was slowing down because his body only just fitted into the tunnel. That was the good news. The bad news was that his neck was getting longer and the mouth in his small head kept snapping and gnashing at the back of the train. The train was running out of coal and was slowing, the dinosaur’s body was now stuck but it’s neck was getting longer and longer and stretching ahead and was now almost touching the train. The people at the back of the train could do nothing as they had to stay crouched into the carriages because of the size of the tunnel. The long necked dinosaur was almost upon them.

Skye put the last pieces of coal into the engine and hoped that the train would outrun the stretching neck of the dinosaur. Then up ahead Skye the explorer could see a small circle of light. Could this be the end of the tunnel? Could the train and all of it’s passengers be heading for safety at last?

As they got closer, the circle of light became larger and brighter, they were almost there. But they were getting slower and slower just as the long necked dinosaur was getting closer and closer. The last of the coal ran out just as they reached the end of the tiny tunnel and finally they left the darkness behind and entered a wide open blue sky with floating white fluffy clouds. The railway track ended all twisted and broken and suddenly the train sprouted magical wings and flew into the sky just as the small head of the grey long necked dinosaur appeared out of the tunnel. It flung its head around snapping at empty space as the train got further away. The dinosaurs neck had stretched as far as it could and the passengers on the train were safe at last. Skye the explorer was now flying the train. She had saved everyone on board and they all cheered the drivers name as they landed safely on one of the white cotton wool clouds. Skye had driven the train out of Peecaboo Land and saved everyone from the chasing dinosaurs. She was so tired and now just needed a good rest.

Skye woke up to a lovely sunny morning with a big yawn as she rubbed her sleepy eyes. Oh no she thought, I’ve lost my pillow, Nanna’s going to be so angry with me. Just then Nanna came into the bedroom and chuckled as she said, ‘morning Skye, what on earth are you doing down there?’ Skye looked around and saw that she was right on the edge of the bottom of her bed. She could see that during the night she must have wriggled all the way down through a dark tunnel beneath her cosy duvet. She was able to look up through it and see her comfy fluffy pillow at the end where she had fallen asleep last night. Skye laughed along with Nanna, sat on her lap and told her all about the exciting dream she had had during the night.

© John Davis 2019

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