The Midnight Drive

Being blinded by the early evening sun, I drove into the hospital grounds, searching for a space, any space in which to squeeze my car; this seemed such a long time ago as I stood in the dark, with space all around and only one vehicle to be seen – which was mine. I had entered the hospital grounds in sunlight but left under emptying clouds; I did not want to leave my son back there, struggling to survive, fighting for air. Go home the nurses said, go to bed, get some rest, come back fresh in the morning. Where … Continue reading The Midnight Drive

A New Way Of Life – Day 1

Since I started my creative writing degree course with the Open College of the Arts (OCA) last June, my daily journal writing has been in a good old fashioned notebook. Today I have felt the need to bring that daily writing to I can’t really put my finger on why I have this need to record my thoughts in a blog rather than on paper but as the title suggests, it is something to do with the rapidly changing world we are living in and perhaps with a small readership, my thoughts may be shared with others. The posts … Continue reading A New Way Of Life – Day 1

Forever Silver

Janie hears the footsteps steadily approaching. But turning around was not an option, so determined was she to leave the past where it belonged – behind her. Her vow? To never again look over her shoulder – to only look ahead, only move forward towards the light – the light that now tugs at her heart strings and tries to draw her forward. A pattern of dappled sunlight spread across the straight, unwavering path. The woman stood perfectly still, determined not to wipe the tears that trickled as slowly as a dying river down her silken cheeks. The only sounds … Continue reading Forever Silver