A New Way Of Life – Day 9

There are dark and brooding clouds suspended above us – pressing down on the planet, trying to squeeze the life out of all humankind; not even the strongest of winds seem able to move them on. They obscure what we once referred to as normal. But, peel back the outer layers of these blackened doomsayers, and we may just see it’s perfectly tailored lining. And if we are fortunate enough, the colour of that sumptuous inner layer may be a bright and blinding silver…. Close your eyes. Do you remember those scented Spring days when children would play in the … Continue reading A New Way Of Life – Day 9

Forever Silver

Janie hears the footsteps steadily approaching. But turning around was not an option, so determined was she to leave the past where it belonged – behind her. Her vow? To never again look over her shoulder – to only look ahead, only move forward towards the light – the light that now tugs at her heart strings and tries to draw her forward. A pattern of dappled sunlight spread across the straight, unwavering path. The woman stood perfectly still, determined not to wipe the tears that trickled as slowly as a dying river down her silken cheeks. The only sounds … Continue reading Forever Silver