The Man Who Didn’t Want To Be Ron

Ron is a man who wants to escape. He needs to free himself from the Monday to Friday monotony, the month by month meltdown. Ron wants to slay the seasonal expectations of the beige brigade. He no longer wishes to mow and dig in the summer, rake and burn in the autumn, DIY to death in the winter and spring into action in the………well – in the spring. No! With a slam of the fist on his kitchen table he wants to be rid of this yearly fail-safe formula. He wants to surf and cycle in the summer, abseil in … Continue reading The Man Who Didn’t Want To Be Ron

Forever Silver

Janie hears the footsteps steadily approaching. But turning around was not an option, so determined was she to leave the past where it belonged – behind her. Her vow? To never again look over her shoulder – to only look ahead, only move forward towards the light – the light that now tugs at her heart strings and tries to draw her forward. A pattern of dappled sunlight spread across the straight, unwavering path. The woman stood perfectly still, determined not to wipe the tears that trickled as slowly as a dying river down her silken cheeks. The only sounds … Continue reading Forever Silver

The Girl Who Lost Her Pillow

For Skye ~ the girl who liked to explore ‘Night night Nanna,’ said Skye as she snuggled under the cosy duvet and sunk her head into the fresh white pillow that was so soft and cuddly. ‘Love you,’ she added as Nanna quietly left the bedroom. Skye felt very warm and comfy and extremely sleepy after such a fun filled day. She fell fast asleep almost as soon as Nanna had closed the bedroom door and here began Skye’s next adventures as she went into the wonderful and exciting world of dreams. It wasn’t long before the little explorer called … Continue reading The Girl Who Lost Her Pillow

Which theme?

This theme, that theme, which theme? I don’t know, I just want this place to look neat and tidy and enticing. I want it to be a pleasure to look at and that is not currently the case. I want it to look professional and colourful with lovely images to compliment the writing. But I guess I have to give myself time and as I am a fair way from completing a first draft in my fiction writing let alone having a book published, I needn’t be too worried at this stage about the look of this place – I … Continue reading Which theme?

An introduction of sorts

I am hoping that this blog will form part of my writing life from this point onwards. I am hoping to cover as much about my writing life as I can or that I think others may find interesting. That is if others decide to join me on this wordy journey – the ups and downs and many of the bits in between. Of course this blog may not be read by others – if that is the case no matter – I will use this format as a way for me to look back, consider and record the events … Continue reading An introduction of sorts