Which theme?

This theme, that theme, which theme?

I don’t know, I just want this place to look neat and tidy and enticing. I want it to be a pleasure to look at and that is not currently the case. I want it to look professional and colourful with lovely images to compliment the writing. But I guess I have to give myself time and as I am a fair way from completing a first draft in my fiction writing let alone having a book published, I needn’t be too worried at this stage about the look of this place – I can tidy up and do all the sprucing I need as I go along.

Time to chill

I will look at it as though I am furnishing my home – adding a piece of furniture here, an ornament there, a gadget to help with this, a pan to help with that, a lamp to lighten that corner and some cushions for relaxing over there. I will aim to make ‘from Bristol to Brighton & Bach’ a comfortable little home from home, a place where you would like to return to put your feet up and chill with a nice cuppa.

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