An introduction of sorts

I am hoping that this blog will form part of my writing life from this point onwards. I am hoping to cover as much about my writing life as I can or that I think others may find interesting. That is if others decide to join me on this wordy journey – the ups and downs and many of the bits in between. Of course this blog may not be read by others – if that is the case no matter – I will use this format as a way for me to look back, consider and record the events in my life to date. Also a format to enable me to work on establishing a writing habit.

They say that life is a journey – whoever ‘they’ are and who am I to disagree? I guess my life up to this point has indeed been a journey of sorts as is the case with most of us although not everyone will analyse their lives in this way. Not necessarily purely a physical one, although certainly, I have moved around the southern part of England a number of times including from Bristol to Brighton and back. That journey is a story in itself and one I may decide to tell in future posts – but not today. My journey as well as a physical one has been an emotional one to say the least. At times joyous, at times sad and at other times the journey has nose dived into the dark depths of despair. But for the biggest part, despite the plunges into depths, it has been the life of an optimist –  of one who has tended to see the light at the end of the tunnel when times have been dark but also enjoyed the light when the sun has brightly shone. But for any life to have been a journey, a path or some sort of trail or tracks or even footprints will have been left in its wake. So at any point in time, the weary traveller could pause to breathe, to contemplate the trip so far, to reflect on life’s lessons and not only will they look forward to the journey ahead but will hopefully have a well worn path to look back on.

That path may have been potholed at times and the route long and twisted but it is surprising how the memory, when tested, is able to see back around these twists and turns or the other side of the many hills climbed and even take another peek into the deep caverns of darkness that have been delved into and this contortionism of the memory enables the life that trod this path to be remembered and if necessary, as mentioned earlier, any lessons learnt. Or it may simply be that a random trip into that past provides a happy Sunday afternoon warm and smiley memory.

Although I do not want this blog to be solely a retrospective, it will be a look at the events in my life that have shaped and moulded me (makes me sound like a piece of plasticine), into the person I am today and brought me to where I find myself at this point in time – which as it happens is a very happy one. I have to say, I do not take this happiness for granted nor ever will I.

This blog though, will not only be about my life’s journey, I will use it also to write about anything that randomly comes into my mind. This could be about absolutely anything – my mind does tend to flit from pillar to post at the drop of a hat so why shouldn’t my blog? One minute I could be arranging some words into a poem, the next into an experimental piece of fiction. I could be feeling extremely opinionated about a topical event or just wanting to get something off my chest. I love to write and here I shall do just that! You may not be with me but I hope that you are.

And finally – why Bach you may have asked as in ‘From Bristol To Brighton & Bach?’ Although a play on words, it is a nod to how important music has been and always will be in my life. Not necessarily classical but it certainly has to be included along with many other genres of music. Music, as for many of us, has provided a backdrop to much of my life and I couldn’t imagine a day passing by without it – long may my hearing be fully functioning. And long may yours be also – you may not be able to hear my voice audibly but I hope you will be able to hear it in my writing.

If anyone chooses to read any of the posts I publish I thank you in advance. I am looking forward to reading the blogs of others whilst learning how to find my own writing voice, adapt my style if necessary and also the way this blog looks along the way.

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