A New Way Of Life – Day 5

Social-distancing for all.

As we stay, distanced from others, cocooned in our first floor flat, looking down on life outside – or the lack of it, we have nicknamed ourselves, the ‘Social-distance Police’. Situated, as we are, in a corner flat, on the the junction of two residential roads, we are able to see up and down each of them. The occasional, and now normally empty buses are still trundling beneath our living-room window, although they are becoming fewer by the day. When there are passengers on board, it is encouraging to see that they appear to have kept themselves apart – they have been socially responsible distancers. The issue below our windows still seems to be where the problems are – the people out on the streets. Most are heeding the instructions set out by the government in the interest of all of us. It appears though, that some are still not getting it – the message does not seem to be sinking in. With our windows now open due to the warmer weather, we hear the voices of pedestrians. The number of times groups of people are seen, that do not appear to be from the same family or from a single household, walking together, chatting away happily in the sunshine, but totally oblivious to how close they are all together. The ‘Social-distance’ police officers may not have water canons at their disposal but they do have buckets and a tap. Drastic measures may soon need to be taken if these social-distance cowboys continue to flout the rules.

Photo by Juhasz Imre on Pexels.com

Social-distancing is for all of us – in the interest of all, and for the protection of all. I just wish, after topping 1000 deaths in the UK, more people would take this thing seriously.

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