A New Way Of Life – Day 14

Whether locked-down or not, learning continues…

On day 14 of this new way of life, I received my tutor report and feedback on the fourth assignment of a creative writing degree course. With renewed vigour, I am now getting stuck into the fifth and final part of this first course. The encouraging boost I get from receiving a constructively positive report, gives me the impetus and enthusiasm to dive into the next learning task. So, ‘Plot and Structure’ here I come.

Having now completed four parts of the writing skills course, I feel I can see the ‘green shoots’ of improvement in my creative writing. There is still a very long way to go, but with every chunk of feedback I receive, my studying pace gathers more momentum, and that momentum is much needed as the learning hill I am climbing is very steep – in fact, at times, the ascent feels as though it is vertical, particularly when I am struggling with a specific section. And then, after much effort and head-scratching, I am able to type a metaphoric ‘the end’ on a tough section, and I can enjoy the refreshing wind in my face as I slide down the other side of the learning curve.

Up and down…

When things really ramped up with regards to being locked down, socially-distanced etc, I struggled to focus on any type of reading – fiction and non-fiction alike; I felt fatigued and tired all the time. But my reading mojo is gradually returning and I am enjoying it once again. With having to read text books for study purposes, there has been a real necessity to get my mind into a more positive state; this in turn has helped with all of my reading. So, although I am trying to read fiction reflectively and analytically, I am able to enjoy it at the same time. During these testing days of turmoil, it is good to get involved in studying; whether that is something similar to my learning path, or tackling a free online course such as can be found at futurelearn.com. If you want to escape from the constant bombardment of the COVID-19 media coverage and how it gets stuck in the mind, studying is a great escape. For me, it provides an oasis of calm; the studying is taxing, but that is fantastic as it gives me the focus I need to aid the escape from the current world-wide darkness.

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