A New Way Of Life – Day 16

Life needs some colour….

I thought I would give myself a short break from the words today, and have a go at something a little different. Having always enjoyed art in one form or another, and creating in general, there has always been blank books and colouring pencils, crayons, paints stored away somewhere. So I dug them out today with the aim of creating something colourful, something that the children in my neighbourhood will hopefully, enjoy seeing in our living room window.

This creation is very rough and I am sure it can be improved, but I enjoyed doing it; the aim was to get the picture in the window as soon as I could. I used pastel pencils to create the rainbow – I had forgotten how dusty this medium; I tried not to breathe too hard while I was using the pencils so that the dust didn’t go everywhere. It was fun using them and I look forward to doing more of this type of art. The rainbow adds another bit of colour to our street and I hope the people that pass by, enjoy seeing it and that, in these dark times, it makes them smile.

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