A New Way Of Life – Day 17

Help!!!! There are too may many books to read! (Is that really a thing?)….

No, I don’t really believe there are too many books to read, that could never be the case; there could never be enough books in the world, but sometimes I just become overwhelmed by the quantity that I have on the go at any one time. And that ‘any one time’ is now! Fiction, faction, text books, course notes, online stuff….you name it, I seem to be reading something like it. But in addition to writing, I am struggling to complete any one book – I am just dipping in and out. I guess that is the case with text books, and that isn’t particularly a problem; the problem is all the fiction on my personal reading list. Reading fiction for pleasure, reading fiction to learn, reading fiction to escape; reading fiction to escape, learn, entertain all at the same time….. my head is buzzing.

I know – I’ll stop writing and go and do some reading. Bye!

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