A New Way Of Life – Day 18

It is so frustrating when people don’t listen to ‘three little words’…

I am talking about the people the UK government aim their instructions at day after day, and have been for weeks now. That message being the most straight forward and simple of instructions, ‘STAY AT HOME’ – there should be no chance of misunderstanding those three little words. Even if they were jumbled up, they should still be understood – ‘AT STAY HOME’ or ‘HOME STAY AT’ or ‘AT HOME STAY’ or ‘STAY HOME AT’ – it really is that simple. But as I have tweeted today to @MattHancock the health secretary, the people his government are targeting the stay at home message to, are not getting it as they are not……at home! They are out there somewhere in the sunshine, being pig ignorant and not giving a toss about anyone else! I think the government have actually been to soft and woolly in the delivering of their message. Rather than stating that this is an instruction, they need to inform that it is an order.

To the well know Bob Marley tune, here is a tweaked version of ‘Three Little Birds’…

‘Please worry, about everything,
Every little thing, ain’t gonna be alright, (say it again)

Please worry, about everything,
Every little thing, ain’t gonna be alright,

Woke up this morning, groaned at the rising sun,
Three little words, sat by my doorstep,
Stating a message, not to be misconstrued,
Shouting, this is my message to you you you…

‘Please do worry, about everything,
Coz, every little thing, ain’t gonna be alright.’

It’s certainly not going to be alright if the idiots keep disregarding the one message that is being heard by the majority of the population. Stay at….

The message is so simple it’s hard to believe that people still don’t get it.

‘Stay at home’ and save lives; maybe even your own or that of members of your own family.

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