A New Way Of Life – Day 19

We may be stuck in Lockdown County, but Easter was able to get through to pay us a visit…

I think we now have enough essential supplies to keep us going for the remainder of the lock-down. As we head towards an Easter Sunday unlike any others in our life-times, I can’t help but wonder if we will ever experience another like it. I hope not, but as things open up again in China and governments are being asked about how long before lock-downs are eased, a possible feeling of deja vu may be a sensation we are likely to feel before this dismal year is told by us all, ‘good riddance, don’t come this way again.’

As I type this post, at the start of what is going to be a scorching Easter bank holiday weekend in the UK, it is noticeably quiet outside; people appear to be taking notice of the ‘stay at home’ message. Of course, from my desk I am unable to see the local parks and open spaces, I just have to hope that people are listening and doing the right thing for all of us.

Like many other people up and down the country who will not be able to spend any time with isolated loved ones, we will not be sharing an Easter meal with Mum on Sunday – it is the way it is and we will look forward to getting together later in the year, as and when this virus is beaten.

In the meantime everyone – stay safe, and enjoy (if you can), a peaceful and healthy Easter.

Photo by John Davis

As Jesus rose, following his crucifixion, new life and a new world will rise from these dreadful days of death and despair – we need to have the belief and faith that it will happen.

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