A New Way Of Life – Day 20

Perhaps a new way of life will lead to a new career path….

Back in Lockdown County, things have just got even more serious – there are no hairdressers open and one of us, (not me as I am follically challenged), needs some hair pampering. So, for something a little different, I was trusted to don an apron, black rubber gloves and left in charge of the hair-dye kit! I think I was fortunate to have enough P.P.E. to complete this delicate job.

Judging by the happy look on my beautiful wife’s face, I think I must have done a reasonable job. If lock-down continues, my services may be called upon again; next time I will be ready and even more willing to take on this vital and important task. And next time, I will not have to endure a sleepless night the night before the rubber gloves are stretched over my fingers again.

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