A New Way Of Life – Day 2

It’s nearly the end of Tuesday and although I have been working today, I have not left home. I have not left home yet I am drained of energy – I just want to sleep. Sleeping sometimes provides an escape from all things virusy (is that a word? It is now). I am struggling to even concentrate on reading even though I know that this would provide another form of escape. Of course, the other way of emptying your mind of the COVID-19 stuff is to shake your head and allow the words to fall onto a notebook and see what sentences are formed or let the words stick to a computer screen to see what sort of garbage is formed. As long as it is providing some sort of therapy, I don’t really care whether the words form something intelligible or not. Already I feel that I will be laying my head onto the pillow with a lighter mind; I might even be able to read a page or two before my eyes close on – a new way of life, day two. Good night – it is now time to sleep.

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