A New Way Of Life – Day 3

We are all in this together!

When thinking about how to cover the vast topic that is COVID-19, it all becomes somewhat overwhelming. Where to start? The world? Asia? Europe? My country? My town or my home? Every aspect of life, be it our country, our work, our friends and family, our health and well-being, is affected by this dark, brooding shadow that hangs above planet earth.

One thing is for sure though – we are in this together. The world is united in a way it didn’t want to be – in it’s fight against this sinister and microscopic killer. I have no doubt in our ability to overcome and beat this virus, and I have every faith that we will; how long it will take and how many people will die in the process is the frightening unknown. To enable us to reach that ultimate objective, and speaking now from the United Kingdom’s perspective, we must listen to our government; not some of us but all of us – even the idiots that think ‘it’ won’t get them. If the foolhardy think that during this current spell of beautiful Spring weather, they can set off for a Coronavirus holiday on the coast, we stand no chance of beating the death-stalker. People need to think smart and behave the same way.

We were all given the opportunity to do the right thing a week or so ago, but the brainless amongst us did not heed the warnings or the guidance as it then was. That guidance then had to be turned into instruction, then into law. It seems to be making a difference, but not everywhere. Still, in my local area, children are packed into parks playing together in the bright sunshine. This would have been perfectly acceptable and normal once upon a time, but times have changed and they are far from normal. Are we going to have to see child/teenage deaths before these young people start listening to their parents and doing the right thing, or for the parents to actually start communicating to their kids? Let’s hope not, but really, what are these people thinking? They certainly don’t appear to be taking this grave situation seriously enough. A holiday it ain’t!

Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

On a lighter note – I have never seen so many people in my street exercising. The governments latest directive is basically to stay at home; ‘social distance’ by staying indoors if at all possible. Stay inside except to exercise once a day only, to get food or medications, or to go to work as long as that work is essential. Suddenly, ‘active-wear’ is the latest fashion again. The lycra has been dug out, dusted off, and squeezed into. The fitbits have been charged and the sweaty, two metre social-distancer’s are pounding the pavements to the beat of a Spotify playlist or perhaps the beat of their over-worked hearts. If the virus doesn’t get them (which of course, I hope it doesn’t), this sudden interest in exercising might.

So, whether we look at this killer virus from a personal point-of-view or a global one, one thing is certain beyond anything else – we are in this together. And by working together and looking out for each other in what ever way we can…..we will get through it together.

Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter on Pexels.com

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