A New Way Of Life – Day 8

Some things will continue….

Much of what we describe as normal life has ground to a halt, or at least slowed to a walking pace. One thing in my life that hasn’t halted is my studies; in fact, in the not too distant future they may actually accelerate due to having more time on my hands. I still have exercises and projects to work on, and the deadlines, like an unwanted visit from scary Great Aunt Bertha, are still there to be met. There are books to be read, both text and fiction, notes to be made and assignments to be completed. For as long as I stay fit and healthy, my studies will continue. With the advantage that is ‘distance learning’, I shall continue to learn safely in my socially distanced home. I think I will rename this type of studying as, ‘social-distance learning’ – it might catch on.

Studying creative arts at the Open College of the Arts (OCA) encompasses a wide variety of subjects; for me it is creative writing. I am currently heading into the final part of my first course, ‘Writing Skills’, that I hope will eventually enable me to a degree in this subject. The mortar-board and gown that I reach for is way down the line from here, sometime in the distant future – but I have an objective, a very definite target to aim for. So in these changing times, and while on lock-down at home, I have plenty of time to study. I currently have my day job to do, but I’m not sure how much longer that is going to last. From a health perspective, I am in the vulnerable category so am advised to socially-distance by staying at home – I will add that I am thankfully not in the highest ‘at risk’ group.

As I write this post I am pleased to be able to say that as the deadline date for assignment 4 of my course is today – the deadline was met. After much pouring over of the sixth draft of the creative piece and the fourth draft of the reflective commentary, I finally decided enough was enough, I had drafted this assignment to death – it was time to click ‘send’. Off it went to my tutor and the OCA – I will be waiting on the edge of my seat for the tutor report that should be with me in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, on with part five of the course.

The times they are a changing, but my studies will continue and who knows – I may have more time to spend on them soon. I really hope my employer will find more work for me that I can do from home, but if not, I will make the most of the additional hours I may have on my hands.

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