That Moment When Darkness Confuses (Winter)

That moment when darkness confuses,

But wide open eyes see,

When confusion heightens awakening senses,

When the air is fresh and clear,

Cold air smacks unprotected skin,

And the stars in their multitudes,

Become real, distant, yet near.

That moment when he ran down the lane,

Darting ahead,

Running free,

Beneath the star speckled sky,

Wanting to be the first,

The first to the five bar gate.

Cocooned in the warmth of a protective arm.

As a finger painted across the endless canvas,

The Plough, the North Star, Orion’s Belt,

Wonder filled those gazing eyes,

When constellations and light years,

Universes and shooting stars,

Were explained, and a lifelong love,

Of all things space began,

Began at the five bar gate.

Photo by Sindre Stru00f8m on

* The Five Bar Gate Series *

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